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Chasing Excellence

May 25, 2021

Modern medicine might define health as the absence of disease, but that's not a good enough definition for us. So we're offering our own, in a format that many CrossFitters will recognize. (See full episode description for text.)

May 18, 2021

Michael Jordan didn't pay Tim Grover to be his trainer. He paid our guest to not be anybody else's trainer. The author of the new book, Winning, joins us to talk about why showing up is not half the battle and so much more.

May 11, 2021

This rendition of our 3x3 has us talking through tips for creating useful BHAGs in our businesses and lives, ways to remember that we're all going to die, and my recommendations for improving mobility.

May 4, 2021

We've got some more great questions on this month's 2:00 Drill. We're talking through low intensity for CrossFitters, constructing a useful warm-up, what to say to an athlete right before a performance, and more!