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Chasing Excellence

Jun 29, 2021

Greg McKeown is the author of Essentialism and Effortless. He joins us to discuss why easy things aren't always trivial, having faith that the process will work, working backward from our optimal max, and a whole lot more.

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👉🏼 Ben Bergeron is a best-selling author, coach to...

Jun 22, 2021

This week, we're republishing a conversation I had with Chris Williamson on his podcast, Modern Wisdom. We go deep on what it means to live a life of excellence, the hierarchy of mindset, living for the remembering self, and a whole lot more.

Jun 15, 2021

HopperTalk is back! This time around, Patrick and I are giving our thoughts on normalizing naps, what we'd change about CrossFit's early days, whether we think first impressions are usually accurate, our favorite Games events, and more!

Jun 8, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Fader is a performance psychologist who's worked with pro athletes in the MLB and NFL. He joins us this week to talk about earning trust, getting our mental reps in, why he sees life as a sport, and a bunch more.

Jun 1, 2021

Our 2:00 Drill is back! We're answering your questions about learning how to relax without guilt, helping athletes fulfill their dreams, understanding the difference between discomfort & pain, & lots more!