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Chasing Excellence

Jun 28, 2024

We’re revisiting a past discussion that focused on the basics of simplifying nutrition.

We explore the two primary considerations for creating a nutrition plan: understanding personal goals and determining one's eating style.

We discuss three essential buckets of nutrition—quality, quantity, and macronutrient...

Jun 25, 2024

We’re exploring how to train alone effectively by breaking down four key elements: self-discipline, necessary equipment, having a structured plan, and moving with proper technique.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

01:02 Listener Shoutouts

02:38 Topic Introduction: Training Alone Effectively

04:16 Key 1:...

Jun 21, 2024

We’re revisiting a conversation from March 2023 about the ten pillars of trusting the process.

These pillars, originally created for elite athletes, are just as applicable to anyone pursuing meaningful goals.

We explore each pillar in depth, covering topics like defining success for ourselves, maintaining perspective,...

Jun 18, 2024

We jump into a bunch of listener questions spanning our five factors of health - nutrition, exercise, mindset, connection, and recovery. For long time listeners, this is our updated 2:00 Drill!

From debating the risks and benefits of extra skill work after CrossFit classes, to cultivating grit in athletes and children,...

Jun 14, 2024

We’re diving into the practical, actionable steps you can take to optimize your health and performance across our 5 Factors of Health (movement, recovery, nutrition, mindset, and connection).

We share our top four tactics for each category, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to upgrade your daily habits...