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Chasing Excellence

Aug 17, 2021

HopperTalk is back this week. Patrick and I talk through the adult problems nobody prepared us for, whether Tia is the most dominant athlete in CrossFit Games history, things from the 90s that we miss, and more.

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Questions Answered:

02:05 - What's a quote that's permanently changed the way you look at things?
11:10 - What is something free on the internet that everyone should take advantage of?
24:00 - What benchmark workout should appear in the CrossFit Games?
28:40 - What is the worst minor injury?
31:50 - What is an "adult problem" that nobody prepared you for?
37:50 - Is Tia Clair Toomey the most dominant athlete the CrossFit Games has ever seen?
40:50 - What has no right to be as difficult as it is?
54:00 - What is a simple, painful fact that people need to just get over & accept?
59:05 - What's something from the 90s that you miss?
63:54 - How many fist pumps are acceptable in a training session?

👉🏼 Ben Bergeron is a best-selling author, coach to 7 CrossFit Games champions, and founder of CompTrain.

👉🏼 Patrick Cummings is a long-time CrossFitter, podcaster, and creator of Functional Branding.