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Chasing Excellence

Aug 3, 2021

The 2:00 Drill is back, featuring your questions on the chasing excellence approach to dating, why we don't program strength-only days at CrossFit New England, choosing whether to go to the gym early or sleep in, and more.

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Questions Answered:

02:10 - Approaching dating with an attitude of chasing excellence
04:20 - Differentiating one-upping and trying to relate
06:40 - Determining whether to go to workout early or sleep more
08:50 - Spending $65 a week on groceries
10:50 - Giving marketing tips to personal trainers
13:00 - Handling life when your significant other isn't down with CrossFit
14:40 - Breathing better during metcons
17:15 - Adding a strength portion to daily programming
20:55 - Working with a member with bad body odor
23:00 - Preparing yourself to work at the CompTrain Academy

👉🏼 Ben Bergeron is a best-selling author, coach to 7 CrossFit Games champions, and founder of CompTrain.

👉🏼 Patrick Cummings is a long-time CrossFitter, podcaster, and creator of Functional Branding.