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Occupying Force with Richard & Kimberly Wilson

Jan 28, 2023

When God calls for a reset, you’ve got to be able to see beyond where you are. If not careful, we will let our past hinder us from moving into the future. You don’t have to drag your past with you! Listen in to hear how God has given us an anointed forgetter that will allow us to move into what he is doing NOW. Recorded at The Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC.

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Show notes:

Episode 27: Reset Part 2


Can you see beyond where you’ve been and enter into the new “reset” season? Reset defined: “set again or differently” (Oxford). If we are not careful, we may try to hang on to last season’s victories and defeats. If we do, we may not step into the new/“neos”/never existed before things the Lord has for us.

God has reset moments set into His calendar. They are the feasts (Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Tabernacles, etc.) and the head of each Hebrew month. He is a God of opportunities for do-overs! The enemy does not want you to know that. He will try to throw off God’s eternal time gates, known as times and seasons, by interjecting his own agenda. The result is we get stuck out of sync with what Father is doing.

Reset based on what is, not what was, will be fruitful. Don’t hang on to the past, whether its victories or hurts. If we do, we will find ourselves stuck in a time that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a mere shadow. There is no way to step back into that time and do it over. The past does not exist! You are free to dismiss mental replays of scenarios of conversations that will never happen! Stop using your mental energy on those things and move into what God is doing now in your life.


  • Isaiah 43:18-20 – Behold I AM doing a new thing…

  • 2 Cor. 5:17 – You are a new creation!

  • Phil. 3:12-14


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