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The landscape of business is changing...radically. Yet leadership is being taught the same way it's always been taught. When the world is changing, it’s time to bring our leadership styles along for the ride.

Thanks to cutting-edge neuroscience, we now have access to new tools and new language that inspires action, collaboration, and innovation in the modern workplace. And Let's Fix Leadership is designed to bring you the best of these cutting-edge tools, exercises, best practices, and modern leadership strategies - every week.

Whether you're a company leader, corporate visionary, intrapreneur, or entrepreneur, this show gives you new insights into the neuroscience and language of leadership, as well as practical steps and tips you can take back to the office.

So you can lead your teams in powerful ways, and keep your people happy and engaged while achieving your biggest goals. Because no one ever changed the world by doing things the way they've always been done...

Aug 31, 2023

When it comes to communicating at work, long gone are the days where leaders had to be perfectly polished, overly formal, and cold. People want authenticity from their leaders - they want to hear your unique voice and feel their unique voice is being heard too. 

As leaders, we might not be aware of how we’re coming across and how that’s impacting our teams. When we become aware of this, we can make the small shifts that allow us to communicate confidently. 

How do we communicate better as leaders? Can analytics help us with communication? 

In this episode, communications and marketing expert, entrepreneur, and professional problem-solver, Heather Lisle shares the secret to understanding and optimizing your communication style.


Guest Bio 

Heather Lisle is a communications and marketing expert, entrepreneur, and professional problem-solver who helps executives and business owners stand out from their competition by creating unique brand positioning based on their personality using the DiSC profile. With 20 plus years of executive level experience, Heather has mastered the ability to cut through the small talk and dig deep to identify her client’s “special sauce” or uniqueness that sets them apart from their competition to increase leads and sales.

For more information, head to, find Heather on LinkedIn, Instagram and listen to her podcast Game Changing Conversations on your platform of choice.