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Phillies Talk Podcast

Jun 28, 2015

It's a sad day in Phillies history, only the second manager to resign from the team in over 50 years. Ryne Sandberg resigned from the Phillies before Friday night's game 6/26/2015 against the Washington Nationals. What is going to happen next on this team? --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 17, 2015

For the current Phillies team the losing continues. For some unknown reason this club can not get it together. We're talking all about the epic road loss which set a record, and more on this episode of Phillies Talk Podcast with your hosts Rich and Jim... the Phillies Talk guys. --- Send in a voice...

Jun 10, 2015

We're talking about the Phillies Draft 2015 - it can't help this current team though. We're trying to search out the positives even though the Phils have sunk to the bottom of the league, I still can't understand how with these players, except they just can't score runs. --- Send in a voice...