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Phillies Talk Podcast

Jul 26, 2015

Phillies Talk Podcast is back with Rich and Jim talking about the latest in Phillies news. Cole Hamels fires a no-hitter on July 25, 2015 vs the Cubs. Is it the last Phillies game for Cole? --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Jul 13, 2015

It's the All-Star Break 2015 - the Phillies have turned in the worst season ever so far so we're going to switch gears and talk some Phillies history, here's our talk with Mitch Nathanson, author, about his upcoming book in March 2016 about Richie 'Dick' Allen called "God Almight Hisself: The Life and Legacy of...

Jul 7, 2015

It's the first game that Jimmy Rollins played against his old team, the Phillies. He single handily goes out there and beats the Phils, do you believe it? Now, he's Jimmy Rollins, our Nemesis. Join Rich and Jim as we recap and try to make sense of this horrible Phillies season, oh yeah, we need your support, go to...