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Going Viral - No one should die from embarrassment

Dec 4, 2023

Dr. Joel Palefsky discusses his long career and trailblazing research. He discusses the cervical model which informed his research. He talks of the success of his groundbreaking ANCHOR study, a large clinical trial that found, as with the cervix, treating anal precancerous growths greatly reduces the chance of developing cancer.  

As his work evolved, Palefsky’s vision expanded. He saw a need to create a way for scientists and clinicians in this young field to interact and collaborate. The Anal Cancer Foundation and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation graciously stepped up to help financially, and IANS was born 

Dr. Palefsky sees ANCHOR as only the beginning of creating innovations in patient care. He expresses hopefulness that in the future the 500,000 specimens collected during the study will help define HPV types and identify which will regress and which remain persistent. 

His work was not done for prestige, but his groundbreaking study has brought him that. 

Dr. Palefsly ends with a reflection on his life’s work, hopes and dreams.