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Going Viral - No one should die from embarrassment

May 5, 2024


Irena Nurkic is a specialist in continence and pelvic health physiotherapist at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia. With over fifteen years of in-depth clinical expertise in management of pelvic health conditions in women, men and transgender persons, she lectures and serves as a clinical tutor at Curtin University.

In this interview Irena generously shares her passion for learning and translating science into patient care. She applies her expertise to improve and manage often ignored biological changes of post-pelvic radiation. Her approach is person-centered, supporting the patient in identifying hard-to-discuss sexual, incontinence and pelvic pain issues. She discusses her team’s interdisciplinary approach and her role as a PT in guiding her clients in what to expect after treatment and in setting short and long-term personal priorities and aspirations. Her expressed expertise is filtered through her approachable, kind, and sensitive demeanor. All patients' issues and goals are different. She offers hope for often ignored post-treatment quality-of-life concerns. She validates that “bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction post-radiation are a problem, and we have tools.”