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Cross Formed Kidmin

Jul 25, 2023


The best leaders are equipped leaders, but what should training look like? In this episode, the guys walk through 4 elements of training every Children’s Ministry needs.

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Cross Formed Kids


Jul 18, 2023


Everything we do in children's ministry is done to proclaim the gospel and disciple children in its truth. But how? How do we share the gospel message in a way that is faithful, beautiful, and true? In this episode, Hunter and Sam unpack what the gospel is and provide "do's and don'ts" when sharing it with...

Jul 11, 2023


How can we teach our kids biblical truth in a way that is faithful and memorable? In this episode, the guys discuss catechisms and how they can serve as game-changers in your children's ministry.

Jul 4, 2023


In this episode, the guys discuss what new children's ministry leaders need to know in their first year of ministry.
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