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Corporate executives, entrepreneurs and authors discuss corporate finance strategies, growth tactics, leadership journeys and other management topics to drive value creation. 

Nov 30, 2023

Paul Barnhurst (The FP&A guy) discusses current trends, challenges and opportunities of FP&A professionals.


Show Notes


[01:28]  Paul discussed his journey of FP&A and his decision to launch an FP&A consulting firm.

[02:58]  Paul shared the type of training services offered by his firm.

[04:26] ...

Nov 21, 2023

Thomas Kunjappu, founder and CEO of Cleary, discusses how Cleary can help companies improve internal communication and build organization culture.


Show Notes

[01:30]  Thomas provided the backstory of the founding of Cleary.  His background has mostly been in product management throughout the career. Typically,...

Nov 14, 2023


Nicholas Longano, founder and CEO of Scuti, discussed the market potential of G-commerce and Scuti's business model.  Nick also shared with the audience his fundraising experience and his approach to align and inspire the team to reach the company's goal.  Nick is an entrepreneur and thought leader with decades of...

Nov 2, 2023

Alex Furman, founder and CEO of Performica, discussed his journey from software engineering to HR, and how he developed the internal HR organization graph at Invitae, which seeded the idea of Performica.  In  a wide ranging discussion, Alex also shared with the audience his fundraising experience and...