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Real Producers

Feb 22, 2024

Many entrepreneurs struggle to build a business that truly reflects their values and aligns with their definition of success.


The traditional model often prioritizes profit over purpose, leaving us feeling disconnected from our work and unfulfilled in our pursuits. This can lead to discontentment and even moral conflict.


What do you do when you start questioning your purpose and whether it aligns with your business? How do we incorporate our values into our businesses to ensure that it’s a success?


Enter Garrett Maroon, visionary entrepreneur and the host of The Faithful Agent Podcast who defied conventional wisdom and built a business that authentically aligns with his values. In this episode, we talk about what success means, how to ensure our decisions align with our core values, and how to be intentional about how we show up in the world.


Your job is not to become what the industry has told you to become. Your job is to figure out who you are and be excellent at that. -Garrett Maroon


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


-The one thing

How do we master one thing in our business if it aligns with who we are?


-Letting ego take over

How do we stay humble in a vain industry?


-Figure out who you are and be excellent at it

How do we figure out exactly who we are and then build a business based on that?


Guest Bio


With over 8 years of experience, 500+ homes sold, over 100 million dollars in real estate negotiated, and a ranking in the top 1% in the area for 6 years in a row, Garrett Maroon brings substantial experience and expertise to his team and their clients. His family lives in Newport News (Hunters Glenn) and has been in the Hampton Roads area for over 15 years. His wife, Rachel, his three kids (Haddie - 5, Dylan - 3, Ivy - 1), and his puppy Sampson keep him busy outside of work and keep him motivated to work hard to provide for them!


Garrett graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Communications and Leadership Studies and attends Reformation Christian Fellowship in Newport News. He is also a sports fan with an eclectic taste for his favorite teams (Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Indians, VT Hokies). Garrett is also the host of The Faithful Agent Podcast.