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Real Producers

May 9, 2024

Real estate involves people’s most significant transaction, so agents are bound to have a memorable experience or two. Very few can say that a cold call and a listing appointment turned into an adoption journey.


Agents touch the lives of many families, but what happens when you’re led to do more than help them get their dream home?


For SuzAnne Scott, the growth of her family was directly connected to real estate. The adoption process taught her something important in the face of challenges. Stay the course when you know you’re doing the right thing.


How did a typical real estate conversation turn into such a life changing decision? When is it a bad idea to pivot? In this episode, the Lubbock, Texas broker shares her rare real estate story and how to run a growing business alongside a growing family.


When something gets hard, you don’t just pivot, it’s too easy. You stay the course when you’re doing the right thing. You’ll never see the fruit if you don’t stay the course. -SuzAnne Scott 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


-Build a business that serves you

Real estate isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. How did SuzAnne find and perfect the lead generation method that works best for her?


-Stay the course, even when it’s hard

How did a cold call turn into a conversation about adopting a child? What were the challenges of the adoption journey? 


-Double down or pivot

Everyone talks about the power of pivoting, but do we rob ourselves of something great when we shift too quickly? 


Guest Bio

SuzAnne is described by her clients as being an expert, an activator that makes things happen, on top of the details, and above all else genuine and relatable. SuzAnne is a high achiever and quickly became known throughout the city as one of the top agents in Lubbock, SuzAnne started her career as an agent in 2007 Her passion for real estate started as a way for her to be available for her family and still have a successful career. Follow SuzAnne’s team on