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Music Business Insider Podcast

Mar 19, 2024

🌟 Unlock the mysteries of the music industry with Taylor Jones from The Hello Group in "What Grabs the Attention of Record Labels and Music Publishers?" In this engaging interview, Taylor shares valuable insights into the inner workings of record labels and music publishers. Discover what sets successful artists, songwriters, and producers apart, and learn what it takes to stand out in a competitive industry. Hosted by MUBUTV, this episode of the Music Business Insider Podcast is essential listening for anyone looking to break into the music business. #MusicIndustry #RecordLabels #MusicPublishers #MUBUTV

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⚡️What you'll learn in this episode⚡️

👉 What specific qualities - both creative & non-creative he looks for in the artists, songwriters and producers he choses to work with
👉 What he feels is the most important thing that holds artists, songwriters, producers and others back from achieving success in their own careers
👉 and much much more...


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Produced by: Ritch Esra & Eric Knight
Editors: Eric Knight
Shownotes & Transcriptions: Matthew Growler

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