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May 11, 2023

What if you could prevent periodontal disease and address oral problems before they arise? Holistic Dentistry offers a comprehensive approach to maintaining oral health using preventative care, unmatched in traditional dental practices. 

Our guest today is Dr. Virginia Diego from our Beverly Hills office; Dr. Diego shares her favorite tools to prevent and stabilize gum disease, remineralize cavities, and promote healthy teeth and gums. 

Once Dr. Diego learned about the dangerous side effects of mercury filling removal, she became IAOMT Certified and switched to a holistic approach. She exposes the ultimate techniques to help you heal from mercury exposure and safely remove mercury fillings. 

Dr. Diego explains how we detoxify the microbiome using holistic tools such as oral probiotics, ozonated water, and airflow therapy to keep bacteria from thriving in your gums, teeth, and tongue. 

Join us to discover a new way to protect your health, one dental visit at a time.  

Key Takeaways:

  • [1:20] The Chasm Between Traditional and Holistic Dentistry 
  • [3:00] IAOMT Smart Certification for Holistic Dentists
  • [4:00] Preventing Cavatives and Bacteria with Chewable Probiotics 
  • [7:20] How Ozonated Water Prevents and Stabalizes Gum Disease 
  • [12:40] Holistically Remineralizing Your Teeth and Repairing Cavities 
  • [16:40] Assessing If You Need to Remove Mercury Fillings
  • [21:30] Maintaining Healthy Smiles with Regular Airflow Therapies
  • [26:00] The Orasana Water Jet as a Flossing Enhancer or Alternative


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