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Apr 6, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of the Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Sanda Moldovan! The podcast that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to achieve holistic health with biological dentistry. We explore healthy alternatives to traditional practices, tools, and address common practices of traditional dentistry that do not support or address your overall health. Your mouth is the gateway to your health, and you are not healthy until your mouth is healthy.


In today’s episode, Dr. Sanda shares the key differences between biological and traditional dentistry. We will dive into her extensive experience and look into her personal journey with things like recovering from mercury toxicity from outdated fillings. Plus how she recovered using a holistic detox protocol. Learn why patients can benefit from seeing a holistic dentist, the benefits from a biological-based practice, and how we can begin to adopt a new framework for dental care. 


Join us as we adventure into this new frontier for dental patients everywhere!

Key Takeaways:
[1:00] Dr. Sandra’s journey to holistic dentistry 

[3:45] Developing a nutritional protocol 

[4:40] Finding the root cause 

[6:00] Using biocompatible materials 

[7:40] A window into your overall health

[9:00] Combining medical and dental care

[11:45] Reducing toxicity in children 

[14:35] Heavy metal detoxification 

[16:30] Oral galvanism and biological periodontal therapy 


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Memorable Quotes:“We never associated the mouth with the rest of the body, very much. Our limitation was to treat the hole in the tooth, but what I like to say about holistic dentistry is that we are treating the whole person not the hole in the tooth, so that is the big distinction between holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry.”  [5:30] -Dr.Sanda Moldovan


“The mouth is the gateway to your health, so we must really look deeply for any signs, and what kind of signs do we see in the mouth? We see signs of nutritional deficiency, we see signs of disease, such as systemic problems.”  [7:41] -Dr.Sanda Moldovan


“We know that children who ingest fluoride have a decreased IQ. There was a study done in California, grades fifth through eighth. They measured the fluoride in the water, and the higher the fluoride in the water the lower the IQ in children.”  [12:03] -Dr.Sanda Moldovan