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Jan 11, 2024

Today on The Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda sits down with Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, an international leader in molecular medicine and Nitric Oxide biochemistry and the founder and CEO of Pneuma Nitric Oxide, to explore Nitric Oxide’s incredible ability to heal systemic disease. With Dr. Sanda steering, join us as we explore and uncover the myriad of health benefits linked to Nitric Oxide — the science molecule that bolsters immunity in the body. Let’s get started!

 The human body naturally makes Nitric Oxide, but sometimes… the body simply cannot produce what it needs. That’s where Dr. Bryan swoops in and saves the day, with technology to completely restore Nitric Oxide production. We have just touched down at our first destination — where microbes and Nitric Oxide meet! Dr. Sanda and Dr. Bryan discuss why fluoride products aren't recommended in support of the microbiome, and Dr. Bryan shares three natural ways to boost nitric oxide production: leafy greens, sunlight exposure, and aerobic exercise. 

From there, Dr. Bryan fills us in on the magical uses and benefits of Nitric Oxide, starting with symptoms and signals of nitric oxide deficiencies. We are now at destination number two — Nitric Oxide’s four-wheel control center! We learn from Dr. Bryan that Nitric Oxide controls and corrects all four hallmarks of chronic disease, including low blood flow, inflammation, immune dysfunction, and oxidative stress. 

In their time together, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Sanda also gather and share information about Nitric Oxide for wound healing and skin care. Plus, Dr. Bryan details his N1O1 lozenge and its benefits including its ability to produce the same amount of Nitric Oxide over the same period. Every. Single. Time. And stick around as Dr. Bryan answers Dr. Sanda’s inquiry about the possibility of overdosing on Nitric Oxide. (You’ll have to tune in for the answer!)

This episode isn't just about a scientific molecule; it’s about how Nitric Oxide can heal systemic disease and rid the body of bad bacteria. Pretty amazing, huh? 

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Key Takeaways:
(0:53) Welcome Dr. Bryan to The Holistic Dentistry Podcast!

(4:08) How microbes relate to the production of Nitric Oxide  

(5:51) Reasons to not use products with fluoride 

(8:50) Does the body stop making Nitric Oxide?

(10:13) Signs of Nitric Oxide deficiencies 

(14:09) Nitric Oxide’s response in the body 

(17:26) The research behind Nitric Oxide as a hormone

(20:04) How Nitric Oxide and wound healing

(21:27) Nitric Oxide’s effect on the skin 

(23:53) How to take Nitric Oxide lozenges 

(25:31) Can you overdose from Nitric Oxide?

(28:26) Why Dr. Bryan believes dentists are important healthcare practitioners

(30:47) Ways to connect with Dr. Bryan and his education

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