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Dec 14, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, join our vibrant conversation with Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson, a seasoned veterinary epidemiologist, public health scientist, and CEO of Seraphina Therapeutics as she takes us into the depths of C15, an essential fatty acid linked to longevity. Arm-in-arm, Dr. Sanda and Dr. Stephanie delve into the world of C15 and explore the benefits and promising future for both C15 and healthier humans. Come join us!

Dr. Sanda and Dr. Stephanie are exploring uncharted territory as they discuss how C15 can improve cellular benefits and face health challenges head-on, including aiding with Periodontal Disease! First, Dr. Stephanie shares her first test subject for C15 — US Navy dolphins! Along the way, Dr. Stephanie’s research uncovered a very interesting tidbit of information: Healthier dolphins had higher C15 levels! 

Venture alongside Dr. Stephanie as investigates how C15 promotes longevity and unveils the three major benefits of C15 to Dr. Sanda: cell membrane resilience, mitochondria repair, and the ability to activate and reconnect signals between cells. Even further, Dr. Stephanie has made a big splash in the industry by launching Seraphina Therapeutics, a company founded to support C15. (She even created a vegan supplement so everyone can consume its health benefits!)

This episode isn't just about scientific research; it’s a mission to transform the longevity of humans and improve global health along the way. Are you coming with us?

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Key Takeaways:
(1:41) Dr. Stephanie's entrance into C15 through US Navy Dolphins

(6:09) Dr. Stephanie’s C15 dolphin research and findings

(8:51) How soon scientists see a response to C15

(9:42) How C15 affects longevity and aids the body

(11:14) The three major benefits of C15

(14:10) C15’s relationship to humans

(15:21) A vegan alternative to C15 

(19:40) How the Fatty15 supplement is made 

(21:23) Studies about C15 and oral health 

(23:56) The future of C15 testing

(25:49) Timeline for checking C15 levels 

(28:28) Where to find C15 products 

Guest Info: 

Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson | Fatty15 Website | Seraphina Therapeutics Website 


‘Nutrients’ Peer-Reviewed Journal on C15

Check out all C15-related studies 

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