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Oct 19, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry I’m joined by my guest, Micha Lowe, the founder of DrsOzone, an ozone education company for practitioners and patients, to talk about Micha’s personal connection to ozone as holistic care, ozone as a treatment option, ozone oils, and different types of ozone machines and generators. 

In this episode, we’re discussing all things ozone! First, we learn about Micha’s personal connection to ozone through his brother’s cancer diagnosis, and how that inspired him to create DrsOzone as an educational tool to reduce suffering in the world. Then, Micha shares how ozone interacts with specific diagnoses to promote healing and increase quality of life, and illustrates the process for making and using ozone oil. From there, we discuss areas of caution when using an ozone generator for the first time, and how ozone therapy works to balance out the immune system. Plus, Micha asks Dr. Sanda questions about ozone including the types of ozone machines and generators she uses, and what she finds most enjoyable about working with ozone.

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Key Takeaways:
(1:43) What motivated Micha to become an ozone expert

(4:02) Holistic care as an alternative to conventional care 

(10:17) The evolution of Micha’s company 

(11:32) Research findings and what specific issues ozone responds well to

(13:24) The process of making ozone oil at home 

(16:42) How ozone saturation changes when mixed with oils

(21:18) The difference between ozone oil and ozone gas 

(24:38) What to look for when purchasing an at-home ozone machine 

(27:32) Cautions when using an ozone generator 

(29:47) How ozone therapy can balance out the immune system 

(33:01) How Dr. Sanda uses ozone in her practice 

(35:35) Ozone’s relation to teeth sensitivity and the microbiome 

(38:38) The three main reasons why dentists use ozone  

Guest Info: 

Micha Lowe | FREE Ozone Guide | Website | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

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