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Feb 1, 2024

Today on The Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda is here to address and investigate an important topic: Why do dental implants fail? With Dr. Sanda’s 20-year career and extensive knowledge of implants (and oral health), it’s safe to say that we are in good hands when it comes to navigating the success and failure of dental implants. Join us on a highly educational, yet insightful episode relating to dental implants and the systemic and local factors that influence how dental implants interact with the body. Are you coming along?


Dr. Sanda leads us to the first major systemic factor of dental implant failure: smoking tobacco. (As a result, you have a 10% higher risk of dental implant failure — that’s huge!) We then move over to the second major systemic factor of failure: chronic inflammation. When your cells are inflamed, an overreaction can occur to any treatment done in the mouth… far beyond dental implants! And that’s not all! Dr. Sanda takes us to three more systemic factor sites, including diabetes, medication, and allergies.

As we continue along, Dr. Sanda shares three types of local factors to watch out for. The most common? The dental implant wasn’t cleaned correctly. This is your friendly reminder to get a dental water flosser, which is 80% more effective than string floss! We also learn about two other types of local factors: leftover cement under the gum, and clenching or grinding the teeth. 

Finally, Dr. Sanda navigates us over to some good news. There’s evidence of dental implant success and ways to prevent failure through longevity best practices: nutrition, proper sleep, and hydration, the three keys to full-body health. There’s so much information on the topic that Dr. Sanda is coming back next episode with tools, solutions, and remedies for when and if your dental implant is failing you. See you next time!  

This episode isn't just about dental implants; it’s providing the necessary research so you can make the most informed choices in support of your health, wellness, and longevity. 

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Key Takeaways:
(0:57) Welcome to a dental implant episode of The Holistic Dentistry Podcast!

(1:45) Why should you listen to me about dental implants?

(2:58) Local vs. systemic factors 

(1:10) Systemic factor #1: Smoking tobacco 

(3:27) The history and success of dental implants 

(4:57) Systemic factor #2: Chronic inflammation

(5:25) Systemic factor #3: Diabetes

(7:20) Systemic factor #4: Medication 

(8:20) Systemic factor #5: Allergies 

(13:29) Local factor #1: The implant isn’t cleaned correctly 

(14:05) The best way to clean a dental implant 

(15:13) Difference in anatomy: tooth vs. implant 

(17:37) Local factor #2: Leftover cement 

(19:33) Local factor #3: Forces of the bite 

(22:22) Next episode: What to do if your implant is failing

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