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Dec 22, 2023

Today on The Holistic Dentistry Show’s last episode of 2023, join our fascinating conversation with Nicole Garrett, Certified Hyperbaric Technician (CHT), Safety Director, and founder of Under Pressure Hyperbarics and she and Dr. Sanda jump into the depths of hyperbaric therapy, the newly discovered key to longevity. Let’s begin!

Dive medic-turned-hyperbaric clinic founder Nicole Garrett is kicking it off with her journey from commercial dive school to discovering the incredible research about hyperbaric oxygen. Nicole shares hyperbaric oxygen’s uses and benefits, and we learn that hyperbaric is the only tool that can actually help our bodies decompress. Dr. Sanda is steering this conversation, as we move into questions around whether someone can overdose from hyperbaric oxygen, and the difference between hospital-grade and in-home hyperbaric oxygen units. 

As we continue along, Nicole shares an incredible list of hyperbaric therapy uses: claustrophobia, bone necrosis, bone infections (to name a few!) Plus, Nicole illustrates innovative results from hyperbaric EBOO treatments that adds Dr. Sanda’s favorite…ozone!...and the specific approach EBOO takes to aid bacterial infections. The conversation takes a slight detour as Dr. Sanda and Nicole learn that they’re not just in close proximity during the podcast — their offices are near each other, too! As Dr. Sanda and Nicole near their final destination, they (ad)venture into the do’s and don’ts of hyperbaric oxygen. It’s safe to say there’s much more on the horizon for this powerful healing modality! 

This episode isn't just about a decompressing tool; it’s a conversation about a holistic innovation that can transform the health and longevity of humans! How amazing is that!

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This is the last Holistic Dentistry episode of the year! Keep an eye on Dr. Sanda’s Instagram for new episodes dropping in 2024. Remember, you’re not healthy until your mouth is healthy. So take care of it in the most natural way. See you in the New Year!

Key Takeaways:
(0:10) Welcome to The Holistic Dentistry Podcast, Dr. Nicole!

(1:25) Dr. Nicole’s background in commercial diving and dive medicine

(2:18) Why you’d need a hyperbaric chamber after a deep dive 

(4:58) What hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and its uses 

(6:40) Can you overdose from hyperbaric oxygen? 

(7:41) The difference between hospital vs. home hyperbaric oxygen units 

(8:39) Common side effects from using hyperbaric oxygen 

(10:09) How hyperbaric helps with claustrophobia

(13:03) Hyperbaric for bone necrosis and bone infection

(16:34) EBOO treatments for various bacterial infections

(20:45) Dr. Nicole’s journey from UCSD to owning a hyperbaric oxygen clinic

(23:50) Different injuries that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can aid

(25:00) Who isn’t recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy 

(26:33) The future of hyperbaric oxygen therapy 

(28:51) Dr. Nicole’s recommended hyperbaric oxygen schedule 

(29:56) How long before you see results from hyperbaric oxygen therapy

(33:37) How to prime the body for optimum hyperbaric oxygen therapy results?

(35:12) How to connect with Dr. Nicole!

Guest Info: 

Dr. Nicole Garrett | Website | Instagram

Connect With Us: 

AskDrSanda | YouTube | Instagram