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Nov 23, 2023

On this special Thanksgiving episode, we’re joined by Spiritual Life Coach Kathy Namvar. Kathy and Dr. Sanda discuss what spiritual psychology is and share tools for navigating stress during the busy holiday season.    

First, Kathy dives into what attracted her to spiritual psychology and her journey to becoming a certified life coach. Dr. Sanda shares the story of how she started working with Kathy and the way that her support has transformed not only her business, but also her overall wellbeing.

Kathy provides examples of how spiritual psychology can foster a deeper connection to one’s true self and provide a path for living an authentic life. She highlights the importance of setting (and maintaining) healthy boundaries, especially when it comes to complex family dynamics.   Plus, Kathy explains powerful techniques to bring more joy and peace into everyday life. 

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Key Takeaways:
(3:19) Kathy’s introduction to spiritual psychology 

(7:10) How spiritual psychology has positively impacted Kathy’s experience as a mother 

(13:48) Tools for relieving physical symptoms of stress, like jaw clenching and teeth grinding 

(17:02) Tips for creating healthy boundaries 

(23:40) Kathy’s advice for how to get started with meditation 

(25:54) What a simple body scan can do for your mental and physical health 

(29:18) How to work with Kathy 

Guest Info: 

If you are interested in spiritual psychology and becoming a client of Kathy's, please email Kathy for a 30 minute complimentary consultation | Email

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