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Jun 1, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, we help you determine if you need a tooth extraction and the steps you can take for a healthy recovery. In our office, we do everything we can to avoid tooth removal. Although, in cases of severe cracking and deep tooth decay, an extraction is unavoidable. 


In this episode, we take you step by step through the extraction process and introduce you to a cutting-edge tool capable of gently removing teeth without causing soft tissue damage. No pliers or drills are required because the Piezo device utilizes ultrasonic technology and vibration to carefully remove the tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth, bones, nerves, or gums. 


Many patients wonder if they need antibiotics after an extraction. The truth is that it depends, but most extractions do not require antibiotics. You can never sterilize the mouth, but Ozone therapy detoxifies your mouth throughout your procedure, lessening the need for harsh antibiotics. We review severe cases that require antibiotics and give you the knowledge to advocate for an antibiotic-free recovery. Join us to learn more about the extraction process.


Key Takeaways:

  • [1:45] Why You Need a Tooth Extraction
  • [5:30] The Anatomy of Your Tooth 
  • [7:00] Removing Each Individual Root 
  • [8:00] Ask Your Doctor to Use A Piezo Device 
  • [9:00] Detoxifying The Mouth During Your Procedure 
  • [11:00] Why Bone Grafts Delay Healing 
  • [15:45] When You Need Antibiotics 
  • [18:00] Placing an Implant During an Extraction


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