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Jun 29, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, we’re joined by Judy Beley, a dental insurance expert with over 20 years of industry experience. Judy answers our patient’s most frequently asked questions about dental insurance, including how to get the most out of your plan and avoid unexpected fees. 

Between HMO, EPO, and PPO, the world of dental insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. In our conversation, Judy breaks down all the key terms and shares examples of cases she’s worked on. She walks us through how a claim gets built, what to expect when it comes to yearly maximums, and how to get alternative benefits for your treatment plan. We also get into how trends like dental memberships are changing the way patients prioritize their oral health throughout the year. 

Join us as we decode dental insurance plans and highlight how to take advantage of your benefits. 


Key Takeaways:
(1:50) The similarities and differences between HMO, EPO, and PPO plans 

(4:37) Finding the right provider based on your coverage 

(7:23) The #1 question you should ask your insurance provider before booking a dental appointment 

(11:58) What “pre-authorization” means for a treatment

(14:14) Everything you need to know about yearly maximums and deductibles

(16:19) Insurance coverage of holistic treatments, such as laser bacterial reduction, ozone water irrigation, airflow, and ceramic fillings 

(20:59) What alternative benefits are and how to access them 

(23:15) How dental membership plans can be beneficial for dental practices and their patients

Resources Mentioned:

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