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Jul 20, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, we’re discussing dental anxiety and how addressing the fear is best for the long-term care of your oral health. We provide examples for how to talk to a dentist about your fear, as well as behavioral, natural ingestible, topical, and sedative options to help relax the body. 

In this episode, Dr. Sanda explains why the saying, “What we resist persists” is especially true when it comes to oral health — and the dread that can accompany the dental experience. Then, we share how to assess a patient’s anxiety level while in office and provide relief, including communication techniques like stop signaling. Lastly, we provide different ways to combat dental anxiety, including breathwork and the Tapping Solution (EFT), CBD oil, aromatherapy, and dentist-prescribed IV Sedation or anti-anxiety medications. 

Remember, you’re not healthy until your mouth is healthy. So take care of it in the most natural way. 


Key Takeaways:
(0:42) Why someone avoids the dentist 

(1:44) How to be honest about your dental anxiety 

(3:44) How blood pressure and anxiety levels are linked

(6:33) Behavioral modification therapies 

(7:16) Natural ingestibles to support dental anxiety 

(10:24) Aromatherapy for relaxation 

(11:15) Other options like IV sedation and anxiety medication 

Resources Mentioned:

Integrative Therapeutics Lavela capsule 

Strategies to calm patients’ anxiety in the dental office

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