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May 23, 2024

Today on the Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda speaks to Dr. Bryn Aitken-Young, an Integrated Physical Therapist, about the healing power of neurokinetic therapy, how it relates to dentistry, and how it eliminates pain so that the body can move more. 

Neurokinetic therapy supercharges physical therapy by treating both the immediate source of pain in the body as well as treating the source of the dysfunctional movement in the brain. This technique can be applied to any area of the body experiencing pain for long-lasting results. Truly incredible! Dr. Aitken-Young shares how her work pairs brilliantly with dentists, such as for helping patients with TMJD or breathing problems. In fact, Dr. Aitken-Young believes that, like a dentist’s biannual check-up, a neurokinetic therapist should also be consulted often for preventative movement checkups. After all, movement is medicine, and it shouldn’t hurt!

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Key Takeaways:

  • (1:07) Dr. Aitken-Young’s passion for continuing education led her to integrative neurokinetic therapy

  • (3:24) Neurokinetic therapy uses neuroscience to treat the brain

  • (7:33) Neurokinetic therapy greatly improves physical therapy results

  • (12:58) The body is an extension of the mind and subconscious mind

  • (17:05) The technique is perfect for heavy computer users and as preventative medicine

  • (23:06) In TMJD treatments, everything is interconnected

  • (32:20) How dentists can work with neurokinetic therapists

  • (37:54) Mouth breathing disrupts the entire body

  • (43:36) Movement is medicine, and it shouldn’t hurt


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