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May 4, 2023

Does scraping during dental cleanings make you anxious? Today on Holistic Dentistry, we discuss a better way to clean your teeth that protects your enamel and reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth. Our guest today is a dental hygienist, Bina Patel. She shares her experience using ozone therapies with her patients and how this revolutionary technology completely changes the patient experience. 

The mouth is the entry point into the body, so Bina uses ozone water before every procedure to break down the bacterial wall, preventing that bacteria from entering the patient's GI tract. She explains the importance of detoxifying the mouth and why ozone water is essential for holistic dentistry. 

Bina shares how even the most hesitant patients embrace ozone airflow therapy. She walks you through the process and explains how gentle and effective this method is, compared to traditional scraping and polishing. This therapy can penetrate the gum line, crowns, and implants that are impossible to reach with scraping alone. Join us to learn how to protect your microbiome during your next dental cleaning!


Key Takeaways:

  • [1:30] How Bina started on the dental hygiene path
  • [3:00] Oral DNA testing  and your health history 
  • [4:40] Airflow ozone therapy as a scraping replacement 
  • [7:40] The negative impact of traditional polishing 
  • [9:20] The holistic practice of Ozone Therapy 
  • [11:25] Incorporating Ozone water in each dental appointment
  • [12:28] The patient's experience with Ozone therapy 
  • [15:45] Remineralizing your teeth with nano-hydroxyapatite
  • [19:20] Flossing is an essential dental habit 

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