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Dec 7, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, join our vibrant conversation with Sage Dammers, CEO and Co-Founder of Addictive Wellness, as he invites us into the enchanting world of adaptogens and herbalism. With Dr. Sanda at the helm, this episode uncovers the surprisingly addictive qualities of wholesome treats like chocolate, and how they can be both a healthy benefit and a tasty delight. 

Embark on a journey with Sage as he recounts his enlightening discovery of herbal systems during a college surf trip, leading to his innovative fusion of chocolate with herbalism and adaptogens. As a result, Addictive Wellness was born! Together in this episode, Sage and Dr. Sanda explore the rich history and benefits of adaptogens, shedding light on how chocolate can be more than just a guilty pleasure — it's a potent ally for your dental and oral health!

Dive deeper as Sage unveils the unique adaptogen composition and the diverse health advantages offered by his chocolate varieties: Pure, Recharge, Focus, Immunity, and Energy. He doesn’t stop there; Sage also provides invaluable insights on sourcing pure mushroom adaptogens, guiding listeners on how to maximize nutrient intake from their diet.

This episode isn't just a discussion; it's an expedition into the harmonious blend of taste and wellness, promising to transform your perspective on chocolate and adaptogens. Join us! 

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Key Takeaways:
(1:52) How Sage got introduced to adaptogens and herbalism

(5:22) Sage’s experience with international herbalists

(6:33) The surf trip that inspired the creation of Addictive Wellness

(9:47) Why Sage mixed chocolate with herbalism and adaptogens

(11:04) The history and definition of adaptogens 

(13:16) The types of environments adaptogens thrive in 

(16:20) The different types of adaptogens in Addictive Wellness Chocolate

(18:41) The origin story of He Shou Wu root 

(20:32) The adaptogen makeup of Addictive Wellness Recharge Chocolate 

(21:43) The adaptogen makeup of Addictive Wellness Focus Chocolate

(23:47) How to begin to implement adaptogens into your diet 

(27:17) Somatic responses to different types of adaptogens 

(28:49) The adaptogen makeup of Addictive Wellness Immunity Chocolate

(30:00) The adaptogen makeup of Addictive Wellness Energy Chocolate

(33:38) Tips for purchasing different types of mushrooms 

(36:16) Where to find Addictive Wellness online 

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Sage Dammers | Website | YouTube 

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