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Apr 4, 2024

Today on the Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda speaks with Dr. Mark Torbiner, an anesthesiologist at Beverly Hills Dental, to continue the conversation about IV sedation in dentistry and pain control after dental procedures. 


Pain anticipation keeps a lot of people away from the dentist chair, so by understanding more about what’s actually happening and options as a patient, we hope patients feel less anxious! Dr. Torbiner explains that a good portion of pain management is expecting pain, even if it doesn’t come, instead of the opposite. His goal is always maximum pain control with minimum epinephrine, and he explains why. 


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Key Takeaways:


  • (1:19) Anticipating pain is more helpful than not

  • (2:13) Reasons for minimal epinephrine and its side effects

  • (6:00) Ditch Vicodin as post-surgery pain medication

  • (10:58) Not all bodies can break down Vicodin

  • (13:55) Toradol is not effective in dentistry

  • (16:35) IV pain medication control and steroids

  • (20:43) People under 19 should fully avoid narcotics

  • (23:42) Young people recommended to carry Naloxone nasal spray

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