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May 18, 2023

As we develop the field of biological dentistry, we discover more and more about the connection between the mouth and your body. Today’s guest reveals how the alignment of your jaw affects the most important joint in your body, TMJ. Dr. Joseph Canul, a leading expert in chiropractic medicine with over three decades of experience, reveals why your TMJ is vital to your holistic health and how to protect yourself from cracked and damaged jaw discs. 


TMJ is the temporomandibular joint that connects your spine and your skull. Your jaw alignment directly impacts the health of this vital joint. Any misalignment in your jaw can trigger temporomandibular joint dysfunction.


 We discuss the importance of building awareness of this connection and training dental professionals to take preventative measures to avoid problems later in life. 


You don’t have to accept pain as a standard of living. As a chiropractor, Dr. Canul can help diagnose and treat misalignment in your body and inform our dental professionals on the best course of action. It starts in the mouth, but the connection flows both ways. Dr. Canul explains how your gastro system can affect your jawline, which impacts your TMJ. Together we can find holistic whole-body solutions and integrate medical and dental care because it is the only way to optimize your health. Join us to learn why every dental office should include chiropractic medicine.


Key Takeaways:

  • [1:00] The Most Important Joint in The Body
  • [3:00] What is The Temporomandibular Joint?
  • [5:40] How Teeth Grinding Creates Imbalance in TMJ
  • [10:00] Determining the Weaknesses 
  • [11:00] Treating The Body as a Whole
  • [14:00] Addressing Digestive Stress 
  • [16:30] Lower Night Guards for Better Oxygenation
  • [18:50] Balancing the Entire Body
  • [22:20] How the Night Guard Affects the Position of Your Neck
  • [24:20] Exercises to Relax and Strengthen Your Jaw

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