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Feb 15, 2024

Today on The Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Syrus Elicus joins Dr. Sanda as they dive into the cutting-edge world of lasers in dentistry. When you think of laser technology, Star Wars lightsabers or laser pointers might come to mind, but the truth is that lasers are at the forefront of minimally invasive, holistic care. In this episode, Dr. Elicus and Dr. Sanda detail what can be accomplished with lasers in dentistry and why they believe every dentist and hygienist should rely on this modality. 

To kick the conversation off, Dr. Elicus explains why there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the Waterlase laser system the team uses at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness. He illustrates how dental providers can use laser energy to address everything from plaque removal to cavities, and even ancillary procedures like treating canker sores and TMJ therapy. 

Dr. Elicus and Dr. Sanda also cover the barriers that many dental practices face when integrating laser technology, namely cost and training. But, they highlight different use cases that demonstrate why it’s important for patients to seek it out, especially for long-term dental and gum health. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • (0:28) Welcome to Dr. Elicus to The Holistic Dentistry Podcast!

  • (1:29) Dr. Elicus’s background in neuroscience and dentistry 

  • (3:32) Understanding the technology behind the lasers used in dentistry

  • (8:35) How lasers can be used to treat cavities 

  • (12:48) Treatments that you can do with lasers that cannot be done with any other tool 

  • (18:22) How lasers can be used to heal TMJ, canker sores, and mitigate herpes outbreaks 

  • (25:39) Why some dentists and hygienists are resistant to use laser technology

  • (27:16) Dr. Sanda’s personal experience with laser periodontics 

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