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Feb 29, 2024

Today on The Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Colin Zhu, DO, joins Dr. Sanda for an in-depth look at lifestyle medicine and how what we eat impacts our oral health. Spoiler alert: the more plants, the better! In this episode, Dr. Zhu encourages listeners to look at their lives as entirely connected and to become our own biggest advocates for how we treat our bodies. 

Dr. Zhu begins by sharing his passion for lifestyle medicine, which he lives by, practices, and advocates for daily. Lifestyle medicine is based on eight pillars of a healthy lifestyle to prevent, reverse, and treat disease: food, diet, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, social connections, and reducing and avoiding risky substances. 

Dr. Zhu explains that he launched TheChefDoc, an online wellness and education platform, as a way to combat the inefficiencies of the American healthcare system, which only allows time to dispense medications and tick boxes, but doesn’t actually educate people about their lifestyle choices. He then discusses what he sees as the three reasons why Americans are not successful in healthy living, which boil down to environment, support system, and community. 

Many studies have shown that the more plants you eat, the less plaque and a healthier mouth you have. Dr. Zhu and Dr. Sanda share stories of patients who have fully reversed oral health problems by going plant-based and making lifestyle changes. So much disease is preventable, and it's time we start treating our health like it’s our job. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • (2:04) Welcome Dr. Colin Zhu to The Holistic Dentistry Podcast!

  • (4:22) The importance of nutrition in medical curriculum

  • (13:24) “Real food doesn’t live on the shelf” 

  • (20:51) Ways to incorporate more whole foods into your diet

  • (23:52) How TheChefDoc combats the unhealthy typical American lifestyle

  • (24:30) Being a human being, not a human doing

  • (38:41) Benefits of group coaching for making lasting lifestyle changes 

  • (45:07) Going plant-based after eating animal protein 

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