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Oct 12, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry we’re discussing string floss and whether it’s actually the best tool to use for dentistry — or at home! We’re going to examine the history of dental floss, different types of floss, flossing techniques, and alternatives to floss. 

In this episode, we’re taking a look at the good, bad, and ugly of string floss. First, Dr. Sanda shares the history of floss and what it originally was used for… back in 1815. Then, we take a look at different types of floss, including dental tape, super floss, and dental floss picks. We also share flossing techniques to help clean each and every tooth and a study on chemicals found in certain types of floss. Plus, Dr. Sanda provides a guide for making your next floss purchase, including alternatives like the water jet and water flosser.

Do you have a mouth- or body-related question for Dr. Sanda? Send her a message on Instagram! Remember, you’re not healthy until your mouth is healthy. So take care of it in the most natural way. 

Key Takeaways:
(1:49) What dental floss is and what it was originally used for 

(3:30) When nylon replaced silk for the material of dental floss 

(6:16) Problems with dental floss and its coating 

(7:09) The texture of dental tape and why it’s more suitable than dental floss

(9:01) Dental floss picks and the specific way to use them correctly 

(10:35) How to floss correctly and the damage that can be done from flossing vigorously 

(13:46) A study stating that an Interdental Brush is more effective than string floss 

(18:59) Better tools to replace floss: A water jet or a water flosser

(19:40) PFAS and PFOS chemicals relating to a floss study 

(21:55) What to look out for when buying floss 

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