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Apr 18, 2024

Today on the Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda speaks once more with Morley Robbins, the author of Cu-RE Your Fatigue, to talk about vitamin D supplements. His recommendations may seriously surprise you!

When most people learn that they have low vitamin D or any low nutrient, they supplement with more. Morley urges us to change our thinking! He encourages listeners to look at the larger picture of health and into what’s causing the low numbers. Ultimately, low vitamin D is a result of inflammation. Instead of raising levels, we should be focusing on chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is, after all, caused by a lack of copper! While sounding radical, all of Morely’s insights are fully research-backed, and he encourages us to keep looking for the full story of our own health and to not just listen to what we’re told. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • (0:59) Morley’s meeting with cholesterol superstar Fred Kummerow

  • (4:04) Correlation vs causation error in understanding vitamin D

  • (11:55) Chronic inflammation breeds low vitamin D

  • (15:58) Oxidative stress and magnesium loss

  • (20:26) Beef liver and cod liver oil supplements

  • (25:25) Vitamin D and oral health relationship

  • (32:44) Foods high in retinol


Guest Info:

  • Where to Get Started with RCP | Webinar

  • Morley Robinson | Website

  • Magnesium Advocacy Group | Facebook

  • Buy Morley’s book, Cu-RE Your Fatigue | Book

  • RCP Institute | Learn

  • Free RCP Handbook | Sign up


Resources Mentioned:

  • Inflammation and Vitamin D by Meg Mangin | Study

  • 8 Reasons Why Low Vitamin D Isn't Vitamin D Deficiency | Video


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