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Jul 6, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, the focus is on the ozone revolution in dentistry. We detail Dr. Sanda’s first experience with ozone, the various uses of ozone gas in the dental office, and questions and potential concerns around ozone, the energized form of oxygen.

In this episode, we first head back to the 1900s where ozone was pioneered by Swiss dentist, Dr. Fish and learn why more dentists are not using this as a treatment option. We define different types of biofilm, address safety concerns around both Ozone Water and Ozone Gas, and discuss how ozone works on the theory of hormesis — meaning, it works as a natural antioxidant to prime our immune system and fight against infection and start repair. We also dive into the body’s response to ozone and ways to best prepare it for treatment.

Join us as we look at the ozone revolution in dentistry, the scientific literature behind it, and how it's a natural disinfectant treatment for both the dentistry and medicine industries. 

Remember, you’re not healthy until your mouth is healthy. So take care of it in the most natural way. 


Key Takeaways:
(0:36) The history of ozone and an first experience with ozone 

(1:53) How bacteria from the mouth can get into the knee and the two different types of biofilm 

(3:05) The ways ozone is used in the dental practice 

(4:08) Why Ozone Water is safe for children and why it's beneficial for cavities

(7:54) How Ozone Gas is natural disinfectant so your body can actually do healing

(12:00) Dr. Bocci’s studies around ozone NRF activation 

(13:25) Why you cannot be allergic to oxygen or ozone

(14:38) How to find a biological dentist trained in Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Resources Mentioned:

Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy - A Practical Guideline for Physicians book by Frank Shallenberger, M.D., HMD, ABAAM

American Academy of Ozone Therapy

Find a biological dentist trained in Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Learn more about Ozone in our procedures 

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