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Mar 14, 2024

Today on the Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda looks at the importance of Vitamin D to maximal health. Even though vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in oral health, cancer prevention, bone health, and even warding against depression, over 1 billion people around the world are deficient. 

Dr. Sanda busts the common myth that we can get enough vitamin D3 from the sun alone. Even most Californians don’t! She shares the top naturally occurring sources of vitamin D3, but the reality is that most people, especially those in colder climates, will need to take a supplement to maintain healthy levels.

Vitamin D3 works brilliantly in conjunction with vitamin K1 and K2, such as in Orasana’s supplements, because they direct the calcium that vitamin D3 helps absorb and directs it to the bones and teeth, away from the arteries. When enough calcium is absorbed in the diet, the rate of cavities, periodontal disease, bleeding gums, and losing teeth decreases dramatically. 

Dr. Sanda advocates for testing vitamin D levels twice a year at home to know how much to supplement oneself and to be sure you are absorbing the vitamin D that you think you are and concludes by sharing precisely what factors to look for when choosing a high-level vitamin D supplement. 

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 Key Takeaways:

  • (1:34) Always ask for a vitamin D3 test during a physical 

  • (2:43) ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ is a deceptive term

  • (7:54) Synergy between Vitamin K1, K2, and D3 crucial for oral health

  • (10:54) Vitamin D3 possesses antibacterial properties 

  • (12:39) At-home vitamin D3 testing is a great option

  • (16:45) How to choose a high-level supplement

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