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Sep 21, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry I’m joined by my guest, Bonnie Crotzer, founder of the movement method and platform, The Floss, who educates people on the often overlooked source of health — our fascia network. Bon’s Fascia Flossing classes and private sessions resculpt the body’s foundational structure through a personalized combination of physical manipulation, guided resistance movement, and engaged muscle elongation techniques.


In this episode, we’re discussing how Bonnie’s background in dance, bodywork, yoga, pilates, and biomechanical flexibility and strength, inspired The Floss, built on remapping your network of fascia. Bonnie shares what fascia is, including its texture, shape, and connection to ancestry. She also illustrates how flossing fascia supports tissues in the body as an “internal exfoliation” of structural connective tissue. Then, we discuss the connection between teeth flossing and fascia flossing, as well as how the Eastern medicine meridian roadmap relates to fascia. Plus, Bonnie provides some solutions for body challenges like jaw tension, headaches, and tight hamstrings. 


Do you have a mouth- or body-related question for Dr. Sanda? Send her a message on Instagram! Remember, you’re not healthy until your mouth is healthy. So take care of it in the most natural way. 


Key Takeaways:
(3:19) What fascia is and how it interacts with connective tissue 

(5:55) How fascia is shaped and the role of ancestors and heritage in fascia 

(9:16) Fascia and dehydration 

(17:05) What flossing fascia is and how it supports tissues in the body

(22:11) How do you start flossing fascia and how long should you floss for?

(27:44) How the Eastern medicine meridian roadmap relates to fascia

(29:27) How the nervous system interacts with fascia 

(32:24) How Bonnie found relief from focusing on tension, tissues, and fascia

(37:09) Using meridians to understand the mouth-body connection

(40:10) Fascia stagnation and tension headaches 


Guest Info: 

Bonnie Crotzer | Instagram | Website | YouTube


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