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Nov 30, 2023

Today on Holistic Dentistry, we’re joined by Jeanne Peters, Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian, and Co-Founder of Nourishing Wellness Medical Center. Jeanne and Dr. Sanda discuss the power of fermented foods and tips for incorporating them into your diet.  

First, Jeanne details her entrypoint into nutrition — which includes how she met Dr. Sanda! Jeanne and Dr. Sanda discuss the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and Jeanne shares how to incorporate fermented foods into your diet. 

Then, Jeanne highlights the many benefits of fermented foods and their connection to the mouth and gums. She shares a story about resolving a child’s eczema with sauerkraut juice and Jeanne and Dr. Sanda swap stories about their favorite types of fermented foods. Plus, Jeanne provides steps for making your own fermented foods at home!

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Key Takeaways:
(1:10) How Dr. Sanda and Jeanne met 

(2:26) Why Jeanne wanted to help people age better

(6:54) Tips for incorporating fermented foods into your diet

(10:14) Jeanne and Dr. Sanda’s favorite types of fermented foods 

(15:20) The difference between kefir and cultured buttermilk 

(17:31) The many benefits of fermented foods – including for your mouth!

(21:47) Fermented foods for kids 

(25:48) Tips for making fermented foods at home

(29:17) Fermented foods vs. probiotics

(30:54) How to work with Jeanne 


10 Ways Fermented Foods Improve Your Health

Fermented Foods in the Management of Obesity: Mechanisms of Action and Future Challenges

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