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May 30, 2024

Today on the Holistic Dentistry Show, Dr. Sanda speaks to Dr. Leonard Neatu about redox homeostasis, how testing can combat inflammation, and oxidative stress in dental healing.

Being in touch with redox levels helps to get to the root of a problem before a clinical diagnosis is necessary. Dr. Neatu introduces redox testing as a way to measure oxidative stress levels in the body. By measuring these levels, practitioners ensure proper bodily function and optimal healing outcomes. Dr. Neatu explains how patients can prepare for a redox test and integrate results into their larger health plan. Now that these machines are available in the U.S., dentists, nutritionists, and dieticians can potentially provide faster health tests than ever before to pinpoint sources of inflammation. Medical schools don’t teach redox biology so it’s important to learn about this modality!

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Key Takeaways:

  • (1:44) Dr. Neatu’s journey into redox healing

  • (7:31) What is oxidative stress? 

  • (15:02) Methods of measuring redox levels 

  • (19:20) Ways dentists can work with redox information

  • (24:50) When to redox test and how often

  • (28:52) Dr. Neatu’s recommendations to implement in a dental office 

Guest Info:

  • Dr. Leonard Neatu | LinkedIn

  • Dr. Leonard Neatu | Facebook

  • Dr. Leonard Neatu | Youtube

  • Redox Diagnostics | Website

  • Bundle offer for podcast listeners: 1 x FRAS5 + 2 x Redox fast kits for $7,495.00, a savings of $2,405.00 off the list price

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