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Tailgate Talks

Jun 27, 2023

Cassie Tucker joins Donald Forgione on the Tailgate to discuss marketing strategies to highlight your operation. Cassie is a very talented Marketing professional. She co-hosts the Marketing Happy Hour podcast sharing insight into social media, brand marketing, and much more. Cassie is a business owner focused on...

Jun 20, 2023

Tom Linley Joins Donald Forgione on the Tailgate Today to discuss Exceptional Volunteer Management. Tom know how to transform an operation using volunteers. When he was the Park Manager at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, he grew the park's volunteer program form 6,000 annual hours contributed to over 60,000...

Jun 15, 2023

Zach Prusak joins us on the Tailgate to discuss Leadership In Fire Ecology. Zach is the Fire Training Specialist at Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy. Tall Timbers is recognized as the home of the study of fire ecology and is an advocate to protect the right to use prescribed fire for...

Jun 8, 2023

Donald Forgione sits on the tailgate today and discusses  the qualities  he prefers in hiking boots. He then relates those qualities to what he tries to provide as a leader and what he looks for in an employee. He also provides updates on the podcast on this 20th week of Tailgate Talks with Donald Forgione.