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TALL TALE TV - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

Mar 27, 2023

Of Portals and Portents, Ch. 30 (book 4) ep.613

Monsters are made, not born.

Listen to the book four playlist here


listen to book one

listen to book two

Mar 24, 2023

Winter Star ep.612

There's no telling what you'll hear on shortwave radio.


M. C. Tuggle is a life-long tinkerer and science geek now retired from the insurance industry, where he worked in project management and operations research. His science fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories have been featured in several...

Mar 20, 2023

Duties of the Wind ep.611

It helps to know what you're going to do with it before you steal it.


Dan Crawford wrote three novels in the Nineties which led to a lot of "Whatever became of this guy" posts online.  His short stories are often to be found in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and his poems, alas, can be...

Mar 17, 2023

Mechanistry 5 ep.610

Nalt has a surefire plan to graduate this time, nothing could possibly go wrong.

Mechanistry 5 was written to celebrate Tall Tale TV's 6th anniversary! My first-ever Episode featured Nalt and Master Stokes, and I try (somewhat unsuccessfully) to write a new story in the Mechanistry universe every...

Mar 10, 2023

Learning Curve ep.609

In the future, the young must 'Juice' to stay relevant.

Andrew Rucker Jones is a former IT dweeb and American expatriate living in Germany with his Georgian wife and their three children. His greatest literary achievement to date is authoring ninety-eight iCloud reminders for every household chore...