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Moozie's Kind Messages

Mar 14, 2023


Enter the world of Moozie, the kind cow, beloved by children!  In this episode, Moozie hears that her friend Chuck the Chicken is feeling sad. She listens to Chuck the Chicken and to Billy the Goat. Has Billy been kind to Chuck?  Has Billy been kind to himself? Listen to what they all have to say. Learn what Billy and Chuck discover about being kind to ourselves. 

Moozie helps children understand that there are many ways to be kind to ourselves. She also helps them realize that when we are kind to ourselves, it’s easier to be kind to others.

Moozie the kind cow is the icon for Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit since 1998 dedicated to teaching the values of kindness to young children - toward the vision of shaping a world where kindness prevails.