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Moozie's Kind Messages

Dec 14, 2023

Learn from Moozie, the kind cow, beloved by children!  In this episode, Moozie’s animal friends are not comfortable when they notice in their midst a duckling that they call an ugly duckling. They are all set to separate themselves from the duckling until Moozie speaks up.   Learn how Moozie inspires the animals, prompting them to change their tune. Find out what the farm animals remember, thanks to Moozie.

Moozie helps children internalize the importance of accepting others even if they appear to be different.   She inspires us to examine our thoughts and actions.  When we see others, we can remind ourselves that what is inside, not outside appearance, is what matters most. With Moozie, we learn to include and be kind to all others, whether they seem to be the same or different from us. Everyone has an important place in this world!

Moozie the kind cow is the icon for Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit since 1998 dedicated to teaching the values of kindness to young children - toward the vision of shaping a world where kindness prevails.