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Moozie's Kind Messages

Feb 16, 2024

Parents, educators and partners, you likely will regard this episode as an invaluable, “must-hear” introduction to Moozie’s Messages (and consider this to be your episode “0"). This podcast chapter gives you the compelling reasons why Moozie is effective in the development of children’s kind thoughts and behaviors, and why kindness is beneficial for children and everyone else!

Listen to Stephanie Barca, Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, JD, LMSW, as she is interviewed by two high school students, Ava and Emmersen, at the Williamson County (TN.) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center.  Listen to this highly-likable and accomplished expert tell us how Moozie the kind cow mascot and Moozie teaching resources positively influence children’s social and emotional skill development. Hear about the powerful attraction that drew Stephanie, both parent and expert, to embrace Children’s Kindness Network and Moozie for her family and for herself as Board Director. Learn the research-based science behind how being kind helps each of us who are kind – in the moment and at later times when dealing with stress.

Celebrate with Stephanie how universal and accessible Moozie’s kindness inspiration is! And celebrate with her how one act of kindness can change the world