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Moozie's Kind Messages

Feb 16, 2024

Tune in for a wonderful introductory reading of Moozie’s Kind Adventure. The voice of a high school student and kind Moozie friend brings the story to life, as Ava reads with spirit and heart. Dramatic music accompanies the unfolding of Moozie’s adventure.  Children will be captivated by this reading!

Does Moozie save the day? What can we learn from Moozie's actions about how to act?  The story’s lessons will inspire children. Parents, teachers, and older siblings will feel prompted to read the Moozie’s Kind Adventure book ( to children in their circle, again and again, pacing and commenting as fits each child’s situation.

Moozie the kind cow is the icon for Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit since 1998 dedicated to teaching the values of kindness to young children - toward the vision of shaping a world where kindness prevails.