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Moozie's Kind Messages

May 8, 2024

Episode 8

Storybook Reading: Moozie’s Magic Helps a Friend Listen to Her Heart  

New and existing Moozie friends can listen to a high school student’s reading of a wonderful, relatable story (Moozie’s Magic) about a girl and her stuffed little cow friend Moozie.  The girl talks to Moozie at night when she cannot sleep because she has a lot on her mind. On night, she cries and shares with Moozie how upset she is about the children at school and how they treat one boy.  Learn how Moozie, like magic, in a big way, helps and inspires the girl! Listeners of this story may find they also dream of magic and making new friends! 

Contact for Moozie’s Magic storybook that is also a coloring book and for a soft, cuddly Moozie hand puppet!  Your children can re-live Moozie’s Magic themselves, again and again.

Moozie the kind cow is the icon for Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit since 1998 dedicated to teaching the values of kindness to young children - toward the vision of shaping a world where kindness prevails.