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Moozie's Kind Messages

Feb 23, 2023

Meet Moozie, the kind cow, beloved by children! Through her first adventure, hear how Moozie considers how she can make a difference.  Listen and see what Moozie can do to save three little ducklings when a stampeding herd approaches. 

Moozie helps children realize that one cow, or one child, can change things for the better.  

Begin this wonderful series of fun adventures and messages that Moozie invites all children to join as her friend. Come back often to this classic Moozie's Kind Adventure story that grounds all of Moozie's journeys through kindness - to others, animals, self, and the earth.  Experience Moozie's evidenced-based, positive impact on children's empathy and social and emotional well-being. 

Moozie the kind cow is the icon for Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit since 1998 dedicated to teaching the values of kindness to young children - toward the vision of shaping a world where kindness prevails.