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Admittedly: College Admissions with Thomas Caleel

Oct 10, 2023

What does test optional really mean? In today's episode your host Thomas Caleel interviews David Blobaum from National Test Prep Association. They discuss important issues around test prep, test-optional schools, and other helpful insights into standardized testing. 

About David  

David Blobaum is a nationally recognized expert in the entrance exam and college admissions industry and is the Director of Outreach for the National Test Prep Association, which works to support the appropriate use of testing in admissions. He graduated from the University of Chicago with honors both from the college and in his major, and he received his Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology. In college, he took seriously the University of Chicago’s aim of a “Renaissance” or well-rounded education and took courses in 17 different disciplines, ranging from Statistics and Economics to Philosophy and Art History. Since then, he has devoted himself to helping students reach their potential through education and, more broadly, to help empower them to succeed in life. To do so, he co-founded the education company Summit Prep in 2013 with a classmate from college, Eva Addae. When David is not teaching the next generation of students, he enjoys reading and hiking. His favorite travel spot is Brazil -- his wife's home country.
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About Thomas Caleel

Thomas is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania. After earning his MBA at the Wharton School of Business in 2003, he moved to Silicon Valley. For three years, he was Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at Wharton. He worked closely with admissions professionals, students, alumni, and professors to curate the best possible MBA class. Thomas has been an entrepreneur his entire life in the fields of finance, agriculture, wellness, and sporting goods. As the founder of Global Education Opportunities LLC, he works as a high level admissions advisor to help families and students achieve their education goals. Thomas started the podcast Admittedly because he is passionate about demystifying the application process for all parents and applicants.

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